Terms & Conditions

The term Supplier shall refer to the agency rendering the service, i.e. Peppin Transport Ltd and CABS+ Ltd.

The term Customer/s shall refer to the person/s receiving the service provided by the Supplier.

1. Grace Period

  • Point-to-point transfers: A 10 minute grace period is allocated for the Customer/s who do not show up right on the spot when the cab reaches the pick-up location. If the Customer/s do not contact our offices to inform us of any delays sufficiently ahead of the original booking, the transport will be sent off and 100% charge will apply. Re-booking of service is subject to availability.
  • Gozo Ferry Transfer: A 15-minute grace period is given to the Customer/s from the instant the ferry vessel docks to Cirkewwa-Malta ferry terminal. In the case where the Customer/s miss the vessel from Mgarr-Gozo ferry terminal and we are informed, the driver will wait at Cirkewwa for the next ferry with an extra charge of 50% on top of the agreed fare.
  • Airport/Catamaran/Cruise-liner Transfers: In the case of Airport pickups, the Customer/s are allocated a grace period of 60 minutes from landing as per details provided by the MIA (Malta International Airport). For pickups from the Catamaran/Cruise-liner ports, a grace period of 30 minutes is allocated from the instant of berthing as per details provided by the VF (Virtu Ferries Ltd) or the respective cruise-liner. If the Customer/s does not contact our offices to inform us of any delays the transport will be sent off and 100% charge will apply.

2. Bookings

  • Pick-up Time Request (Advice): Malta International Airport recommends its clients to ensure that they reach the airport at least two hours ahead of the flight departure. Whilst it is solely the Customer’s responsibility to ensure they reach their destination on time, Peppin Transport/CABS+ suggests running the pick-up time booking request for at least 2.5 hours ahead of the flight. Peppin Transport/CABS+ further advices its Customer/s that in the case of pick-ups from the North of Malta (i.e. such as Qawra, Bugibba, Mellieha, Ghadira, Cirkewwa, St. Paul’s Bay) to request the pick-up at least 3 hours ahead of the flight. It is solely the Customer’s/s responsibility to ensure that the pick-up time is requested sufficiently in advance to adhere to the airport terminal recommendations.In the case of Catamaran/Cruise-liner transfers, the Customer/s are required to be at the terminal port at least 1 hour before boarding.Peppin Transport/CABS+ will not be held responsible if due to traffic, abnormal weather conditions or any other unforeseen situations beyond the control of the Supplier the Customer/s does not reach the Terminal on time in view of the latter not foreseeing to such notices and recommendations.
  • Payments: All payments for transfers consisting of a return journey (i.e. two-way trip) must be settled in advance of the service (either at the Supplier’s bookings office or with the assigned driver).

3. Additional Service charges

  • Multiple Stops: In the case of multiple stops within the same zone, an additional charge to the nominal rate of €3 per stop is applied. Stops within different zones are quoted through the bookings office.
  • Soiling: In such an eventuality, the Customer/s are charged a minimum of €50 for the cleaning services incurred by the Supplier.
  • Baby Car Seats: The Supplier provides such equipment at an additional charge of €5 per seat. Such equipment will be affixed within the vehicle solely and under complete responsibility of the Customer. Neither the driver nor the Supplier will be held accountable for inappropriate baby car seat positioning or installation by the Customer/s in the eventuality of an accident.
  • Festive Season: A percentage charge will be added to the normal rates on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
  • Pets are welcome aboard at an extra charge. The Customer/s need to advice beforehand the Supplier to accommodate for such requests. The Customer/s must ascertain that all pets are secured within an appropriate carry/travel case. This clause does not apply for approved Guide Dogs whereby in this latter case no additional charges will be incurred by the Customer/s requiring such assistance.

4. Booking Amendments and charges apply as indicated below:

  • Unless adviced 24hrs beforehand, the total quoted prices needs to be paid by the Customer/s even in the eventuality that the number of passengers lessen.
  • In the case of services to be provided by Peppin Transport, amendments in bookings will be accepted up to 48hrs prior to the day/time the service is to be rendered. Although Peppin Transport will do the utmost to support such changes, it is the Customer’s/s responsibility to ensure that the booking is affected correctly as much as possible. In the eventuality that the Customer requests for an increase in seating capacity a new invoice will be provided by the office.
  • In the case of CABS+ services, last minute amendments are accepted but subject to availability.

5. Loss and Damage of the Customer/s Items:

  • Whilst the Supplier shall make the utmost to return any missing items found on the vehicles to their rightful owners, it is solely the responsibility of the Customer/s to ascertain good-keeping of his/her/their belongings. The Supplier will never be held liable for any items remarked as lost by the Customer/s.

6. Damage to the Supplier’s property:

  • The Customer/s will be held accountable and liable to all damages caused by himself/themselves to the/any of the Supplier’s vehicle/s.

7. Eating, Drinking and Smoking:

  • Customers are not allowed to consume any food or alcoholic beverages within the Supplier’s vehicles, other than water. Furthermore, smoking is strictly prohibited at any time with the Supplier’s vehicles.

8. Inappropriate Customer/s behaviour:

  • The driver and the Supplier’s office have every right to refuse providing service to Customer/s who at the time of the transport service request is/are:
    1. acting aggressively, and/or
    2. under the influence of illegal substances or under the influence of excessive amounts of consumed alcohol, and/or
    3. in any form or another posing a threat to the driver rendering the service.
  • All the above indicated in clause 8 applies also in the case of Shared Trips, whereby the driver has every right to step-off the vehicle any Customer/s who would be posing any threats to the remaining Customer/s or the driver himself.
  • In any of the above conditions, the Customer/s stepped-off the service still need to affect the full payment of the transfer charge to the Supplier without any reimbursement.